As I had written in my first blog, that there is a need for improvement in the field of education in our country and it will have good impact on the future of our children.  Today, I would like to discuss further on the same subject. Education is a foundation for making a nation great, the better the education, the more beautiful and prosper the country will be. But here the question arises, how can achieve  this? As far as I believe that all of us those who are connected directly or indirectly with education  have to understand to bring a big change in our education system.

Scoring high grades is not important enough but the knowledge about the subject and general awareness is more important.

High scoring does not prepare you to succeed in life but gives you momentary happiness.  You should be able to complete with the outside world.

We have to prepare students for competing the competitive world.  We should not be tempted to score high to be happy for a moment.  We have acquire knowledge to face the world and not only answer the academic questions.

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