As an institution, we are highly responsible for making a good education system which is a foundation of any country to making develop. So here we will discuss about passion based learning programs. Some prestigious institutions are conducting this kind of programs but a lot of are unaware from it. So let’s discuss about passion based learning. Actually passion based learning is kind of learning process which become based on that particular passion which exist in students. But the problems are implementation of such programs. There are many questions which arise during the implementation of programs like…

How we can create passion in the students?

How we can identify the passion in the students?

So let’s discuss some way to create passion

As an Educator/Institution, we can create an environment that drives passion by doing a few things….

  • Share your own ideas /passions/experience with your students
  • Allow time for collaboration
  • Allow time for play
  • Find out your student’s interests
  • Encourage innovation
  • Allow them to discuss their interest to parents, friends, teachers, and peers
  • Connect their interest to knowledge and then emotions
  • Connect same students with same interest area
  • Connect their interest and knowledge with rewards

In the end, it is passion that drives all great things to be achieved. if it is not present in students then it will reduce the chances of success. Rest things we will discuss in our next blog. Your comments and suggestions are humbly requested.

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